Church Builders Institute Online

A full service online Bible Institute - Created and formed from years of study and research into the Bible and what God has to say to you.

Internationally Renowned Minister & Author Timothy Mann, with over 35 Years in the Ministry, incredible insight and study into the word of God has painstakingly written all the curriculum (with the help of other theologians as well). This being the latest carnation of a work, a long time in the making, is now this available to the body of Christ through the new online medium. The topics he teaches are both foundational & ground breaking - and things every Christian, Lay Person, & Leader should know to empower their faith, their walk, and their call.

Follow The Curriculum
There are two subjects per semester, each subject has 4 video classes - all in one easy to download or watch video file. The semesters are set up to build off one another, in an order that makes the more complex concepts later on, more easy to grasp and dissect. You will learn how to righly divide the Word of Truth, and study to show yourself approved.

Ala Carte Study
All subjects are available outside of the curriculum, for idiviudual purchase. All subjects are only $25 per subject, for the full 4 video subject download. If you are interested in a particular topic, and are not wanting to go through the whole bible school, this is the avenue for you.

Full Video Channel

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